Teixeira, Cano Seek Hardware: Right Side of Yankee IF Has “Midas Touch”

It has been virtually impossible to overlook the offensive production supplied by Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano in the middle of the Yankee lineup.

Teixeira is currently on pace for 53 HR, 145 RBI, 119 R, and .618 SLG. These would all be career highs for the new pinstriped addition, as he has become as likely an MVP candidate as any player in MLB.

Cano has rebounded fantastically from a nightmare 2008 campaign–on pace for 28 HR, 104 RBI, 111 R, 41 2B, and just 51 K. All of these production statistics would set or tie career highs for him, and the 51 strikeouts would represent his all-time low.

The way the two stars are producing in other ways, however, could lead to very high praise after the season’s end.

It is how these men are handling the leather–as opposed to the lumber–that is earning them recognition across Major League Baseball. Teixeira and Cano’s “Midas touch” on the defensive end could spell a pair of Gold Gloves in their immediate future.

Already a proud owner of the award, Teixeira has somehow elevated his defensive prowess to new heights.

The new Yankees 1B has erased the clumsy years of Jason Giambi from fans’ minds, helping to reminisce about Don Mattingly and Tino Martinez playing next to flawless at the position.

Teixeira has yet to make an error in 60 games played at first base–of course producing a 1.000 fielding percentage.

His aerial acrobatics and controlled dives have seemingly saved as many runs as he has produced, and he has shown a knack for throwing with accuracy and strength from his knees–or even his stomach.

Teixeira saves a teammate’s errant throw nearly every single night, whether with a perfectly timed stretch or a scoop even Yankees sponsor Turkey Hill would be proud of.

While “Big Tex” has been jaw-dropping at first base, he has been far from alone on the right side of the infield. Cano has partnered with Teixeira in creating the most dynamic defensive combination that New York has seen in quite some time.

It appears the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has added yet another wrinkle, as they will have to wrestle the awards away from Kevin Youkilis and reigning MVP Dustin Pedroia.

While Youkilis has played equally as well at the position thus far in 2009, he has also played 15 fewer games at 1B than Teixeira–putting “Big Tex” slightly ahead in terms of deservingness.

In the second base war, however, Cano has actually out-defended Pedroia. Cano has just three errors, a .989 fielding percentage, and has turned 41 double plays. Pedroia has committed four errors, turned just 36 double plays, and has a .985 fielding percentage.

By no means has it been a stark contrast in skill, as Pedroia is as consistently good as anyone in the league. To this point in the season, Cano has simply supplied a few more karats of gold.

Though I believe Bill James’ new statistical analysis to be a farce along with the rest of sabermetrics, Cano does also have a better “range factor” at 4.50 than Pedroia’s 4.40.

No players were more responsible for New York’s record-breaking errorless streak than Cano and Teixeira, and the publicity generated from the accomplishment should shift Gold Glove votes in their favor.

It remains to be seen if the consistency and impact can continue for 162 games, but it is undeniable how important their glove work has been to the Yankees success.

Every ball lifted into the air to the right side of the stadium may be ending up in the seats, but any ball on the ground is ending up in Cano or Teixeira’s glove.

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  1. meyerlansky

    ….aiko aiko my friend…

    …i hope that you are in a good way today!…i found this blog using the basic search that you get with team names…it of course figgers that yours would come up with a red sox search…well…being a almost lifelong redsox fan you know that i and i were going to come check it out…in doing so i was reminded of how i came to root for Boston anywho…and if you are in the greater new york metropolitan area…you may relate…
    …when i and i was a young punk…that is opposed to being a older punk (pat on the back…we made it!) i left the wonderful environs of the northwest and got plunked down in fairfield county to go to highschool…this occasioned a small change as i had been accustomed to checking my trapline before school and then walking there…this ain’t the hardship stuff…
    …i had grown up a lifelong giants fan…i literally learned the game at grandma’s knee…she would enjoy a beverage and explain to me the beauty and wonder of the hurlers…love my pitching…we had season tickets…me and pops to the pilots…but we know how that worked out do we not mr. selig…
    so all of a sudden i am thrust into a new high school filled with yankees fans…spoiled…i want to be careful of the value judgement here cause i am no peach…irrespective they just struck me as obnoxious brats…and not only that…the price of weed had doubled overnight for the same bud i bought by the pound…you can imagine i was a touch vexed…toss in a AL argument over the dh and…well, i guess that is why y’all live close together…you would have thought that thier pops would have said something about self defense…obviously i needed to try another tack…and that is when i actually witnessed the sox yanks rivalry…
    …and i have loved the sox ever since…sweet dreams kids…
    my blog is

    thanks for the memories…


  2. meyerlansky


    just to say that i just read your header…my sentiments entirely…

    …only i would probably credit thomas paine or jefferson with that fine american trait…thanks and know more

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